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To rent (without driving) can be any natural person of age or society active and properly documented and trained. To drive the vehicles, the following minimums will be required depending on the groups: 23 years of age and 2 years of driving license with groups A, B, C, P7 and P9. 25 years of age and 3 years of seniority of the driving license with groups G, J.

A reservation can be made by telephone 972512320, correspondent office telephones, online at www.admrent.com, or directly at our offices or collaborating agencies. It is highly recommended that reservations be made with a time prior to the planned departure, especially when it comes to passenger cars or family on holiday bridges or from June to September. Also vehicles on Fridays and Saturdays.

At the time of making a reservation, the client’s data will be requested. In case of cancellation with 24h in advance the cancellation is free.

It will be necessary and obligatory to present, in the collection of the vehicle, the DNI or PASSPORT and the original, Spanish or EU DRIVING PERMIT, in force. The documentation must be the owner of the same person that is presented and signs the contract. However, in the case of additional drivers are the same requirements.

The payment method can be made by credit card, in cash or bank transfer. A party at the exit of the vehicle will be asked for a credit card where a hold will be made as deposit depending on the rented vehicle. This withholding will be in effect until the rent ends. Once the vehicle is returned, the contract will be closed with the corresponding billing and said withholding will be automatically canceled.

The delivery of the vehicle (day, time and place) will be stipulated in the reservation. This can vary the hours based on availability. The excessive delay in the collection of the vehicle, without communicated in this respect, may imply the cancellation of the reservation. However, in the contract, it will always reflect the time of departure of the reservation. Deliveries will always be made within our business hours according to the ADM Rent office. The day, time and place of return of the vehice will also be stipulated in the contract. It will be very important to respect the contracted repayment since, without specific and contractual authorization, it will be without insurance coverage and may be considered a serious misconduct by the penal code. To avoid this you will only need to request an extension to ADM Rent and reflect this in the contract.

Without specific authorization the vehicle can not be left to another person. Any driver, should always be written in the contract, otherwise will not be covered. The lessee may include the drivers he / she wishes as long as they meet the requirements.

With prior authorization and written in the contract yes. Only by the main member countries of the European Union, as well as the European principalities. In no case will it be possible to move outside the EU. Since they do not have a green card and would be considered a very serious breach of default.

The coverage we offer is civil liability to third parties, personal injury to the driver and passengers, damage to own vehicle due to road accident (except franchise) vehicle theft (except franchise) 24 hour travel assistance for all EU. The franchises vary according to the vehicle group.

Firstly it does not offer any coverage if the rental contract is expired or if the vehicle is driven by a person not authorized in the contract. Nor is it covered by negligence or negligence of the driver, driving outside the authorized territory, theft of parts of the vehicle or objects inside the vehicle.

The price includes everything described in the details of the reservation and contract: Rental days, kilometers traveled, drivers included, insurance, additional accessories, special deliveries, special returns, area of circulation, etc. On the contrary everything that is not detailed is not included. That is why it is important to look carefully at the concepts of the reservation and / or contract. Then these concepts can have an additional cost: Fuel refueling, rent extension, lack of accessories, additional kms, cleaning, administrative expenses of fines management.

At the moment of delivery of the vehicle we will carry out the necessary training to the driver on how to use it and drive it. We will explain its operation and maintenance. However we provide a small operating instructions manual, apart from the manufacturer’s manual.

Keep calm. Park the vehicle so it does not interrupt traffic. We provide 24-hour phones throughout Europe to request roadside assistance. This service is responsible for providing you with the means to rescue your session and solve your mobility first. It will then be studied whether the vehicle can be repaired shortly or alternatively an alternative transport will be provided to continue the journey. Consult and inform ADM Rent of this situation in order to manage a better solution.