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Rental Conditions

At the time of making a reservation, the client’s data will be requested. In case of cancellation with 24h in advance the cancellation is free.

Original and current ID of the tenant. It can be a non-driving person. In case of invoicing company will have all the fiscal data of the same. DRIVING PERMIT original, Spanish and current of the main driver In case of additional drivers Dni and driving license of each.

With valid driving license and over 23 years old * with a minimum driving age of 1 year. * (* According to group of vehicles). Vehicles can only be driven by the persons authorized in the rental agreement

To expedite the management of the contract and delivery of the vehicle you can provide the personal data of the tenant and drivers at the time of booking. This will only take the documentation at the time of collection.

The vehicle will be delivered to the customer. At this moment, the total amount of the budgeted rent + security deposit of the insurance + presentation of the aforementioned documentation will be paid.

The insurance included in each rental requires the payment of an amount according to vehicle, in the form of retention to a credit or debit card. This will be canceled after the return of the vehicles is not damaged.

It will apply at the beginning the reserved rate but can always be modified for a more economical one, as long as the days or group are not modified. The reserved / contracted concepts can be modified whenever there is availability and not specified otherwise (consult the delivery).

The vehicles have a travel assistance throughout the EU contracted to an insurance company. This, in case of breakdowns or accidents, will provide possible means for the rescue and repatriation of passengers.

It is very important to respect the maximum day and time for the return of the vehicle and to maintain all the coverages. Otherwise it could be considered misappropriation (serious misconduct according to penal code). To avoid this, you should only ask ADM Rent for an extension of the contract.

The return of vehicles outside timetables will extend the responsibility to the client until the next opening of the ADM Rent office. After the return, the vehicle will be reviewed by ADM Rent and the corresponding fra. To the client with all the concepts disaggregated and the cancellation made of the deposit